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Strong emotions such as depression and anxiety are on the increase in society as the challenges of modern life take hold. These emotions can manifest in many ways, from simply generally feeling low, to acute phobias, panic attacks or other unwanted symptoms such as self-harming and eating disorders.

Many people are reluctant to make medication their first point of call when wanting to feel better. Other people are finding that medication is helpful, but that it alone is not enough to improve their sense of mental well-being, as the underlying cause of their problems are not being addressed. Every person’s situation is as unique as they are, but we can be sure that when we are not feeling ourselves, or living the life we wish to, there are one or more emotional needs not being met in a healthy balanced way in our lives. Good effective talking therapies can identify those areas and work with the client to bring about the desired change.

Despite their training, and good intentions, many professionals are not effective at dealing with the disruption that out of control emotions cause their clients. Some common forms of counselling, for example, are known to make depression and anxiety disorders worse. Conversely, the right type of counselling is known to be more effective than drug treatments for all of these conditions.

Here at Talk Learn Change, I use a highly effective solution focussed therapy called Human Givens Therapy. It draws on the best of all therapy models and ensures fast efficient help for my clients.

Why choose TLC ?

There are hundreds of different counselling and psychotherapy models available today and this can be confusing, especially for vulnerable people seeking help. It is no less confusing for GPs wishing to refer patients to an expert in dealing with emotional problems.

I work in a solution focussed way using Human Givens therapy in a welcoming, tranquil, confidential environment.

Human Givens therapy offers effective and practical help for people who are depressed, anxious, phobic, or suffering from trauma, addiction, anger disorders or relationship problems. It is effective because it draws on findings from psychology and neurobiology about how people really function, how the brain actually works, as well as international research studies that have established which counselling techniques are most effective. This makes Human Givens therapy fast and highly efficient in helping clients immediately.

I can provide practical help that deals with mental and emotional distress in the here and now, offering and teaching techniques that allow clients to feel much better after the very first session.

More information can be found on the Human Givens Institute on their website here.


About me

Elizabeth Nihan : Therapist

After completing a BA (hons) in Psychology I trained as a primary school teacher.  I then worked in education as a teacher and lecturer for fifteen years before training as a psychotherapist.
I have an enhanced CRB disclosure and have experience of working with both children and adults.

About you

Your treatment programme will be discussed and formulated collaboratively during the initial consultation session and your progress assessed continuously. Obviously the requirements of and time-frame for each client is unique, but progress is usually swift. Ongoing monitoring by the Human Givens Institute Practice Research Network indicates that 90% of our clients see their HG therapist for six visits or fewer, the most common number of sessions required being two.

Once you have made your first appointment, your journey to feeling better has begun.

How you feel now
How you could feel

What to do next ?

Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email, all enquiries are treated in the utmost confidence. However large or small you believe your issue to be, help is always available to you.

The practice is open during office hours Monday to Friday and each therapy session lasts around an hour and costs £50.

How to find me.

Take the first step…call today : 07870 128 557

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